The fee to Flying Colours for facilitating an event depends on client requirements and is available on application.

The Fee

The fee includes:

  • Advice on the best “hooks” to attract the attendees
  • Sourcing a guest speaker (an additional speaker’s fee may be payable)
  • Sourcing a third party sponsor (if required) such as a drinks or cosmetics brand
  • Sourcing the most appropriate invitees based on their seniority, interests and location
  • Sourcing appropriate partnerships e.g. jazz band, Shoe Artisan or Butler
  • Recommending third party suppliers e.g. catering, drinks, photographer
  • Sending out the e-vites
  • Advising on data-capture
  • Managing the guest list
  • Collation of data capture post event.

Success Stories

Host clients may look to achieve sales and data-capture at the event itself. Many clients achieve sales from guests in the weeks following the event, as investment purchases are often considered and not made immediately. A full tailor-made proposal giving examples of previous Flying Colours events is available on application

Long Term Benefits

After previous Flying Colours events, host clients have invited attendees to future events of their own and have been approached by major banks to hold events for their clients. As a direct result of our events, host clients have gone on to achieve further sales and bookings, increase membership and form long term partnerships with speakers, car brands and drinks brands.